Feather Interiors starting from the ground up!

Feather Interiors is my very scary and exciting baby!

I guess to explain the very new beginnings of Feather Interiors I should probably explain a little about me and why I have done the very scary thing of starting out on my own.

I have always been a creative person and had a love for both the arts and sewing completing firstly GCSE and then A-levels (what now seems like a very long time ago) in both art and textiles. On completing my schooling I  then went on to do a foundation level and the a degree in fine art. I was going to be a famous artist back then, I mean how hard could it be?? As it turns out very hard, trying to break into the art world was almost impossible but I stuck at it for a few years before my circumstances changed.

Change in circumstances

Something happened in my life that made me have to find “real” work and make a massive move form where I was living “up north” to my home town in Dorset. I was very lucky to have been given a job at local fabric shop Livingstone Textiles. Working there re-lit my passion for sewing once again. It had never really gone away but I had been focusing on painting for so long that sewing had taken a back set in my life. I started to learn so much about soft furnishings and sewing and starting having lessons from the amazing talented seamstresses that worked from there.

From that I started doing different courses and also completing a diploma in interior design as I wanted to have a greater understanding of interiors.

Taking the plunge

After all this at some point you have to jump, and with that jump you either sink or swim. I jumped and handed my notice in at Livingstone Textiles and have now formed a different relationship with them, they are now the place where I call for my fabric needs.

Where the future leads…

I cant say where the future leads and one thing I have learnt from my change in circumstance is you can never be sure of anything as life has a way having its own way, but I am very excited to see where Feather Interiors takes me. I have already started to design my own fabrics panels from my own art work (I can now say to my husband that my 3 year art degree was so worth it) and I am excited to see where I can take that. And now with the launch of my website which I hope you will all find interesting to read.

My plan is to keep you all up dated with things that are happening at Feather Interiors both big and small news so here’s to beautiful interiors.

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