Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are a really simple looking curtain solution for a modern feel to a room. They have rings going though the top of the fabric which the curtain pole then passes though. To produce a eyelet curtain a machine makes a hole in the top of the fabric. Two metal rings then become pushed together to form neat ring that the pole can then pass though.

Having custom make eyelet curtains give you the customer the option of choosing the colour of the rings. This gives you the option of choosing colours that either match the pre-existing curtain pole or colours in the room. For example you have a black pole already up, you can have rings put onto your curtain that are also black. This then stops miss-matched soft furnishings or have the expensive task of changing the pole to match the rings.

Standard colours normally available are silver, gold, antique gold, gun metal and black. Although other colours are available on request.

Eyelet curtains can finish the room beautifully, and give the fabric a lovely wave when shut. The fabric has to be double fullness to achieve this wave, although due to the way the fabric hangs they do not look over full. Eyelet curtains tend to also push back further when opened meaning more light is able to come though the window.

A Recent Eyelet Curtain Hanging

The images shown here are from a resent make and hanging. The clients interiors were generally modern and the curtains were to follow with this modern flow. When discussing the different heading options, eyelets became the obvious choice. Another part of the clients brief was to bring certain elements into the room. With one room the client wanted to bring the outside in. With the beautiful Dorset countryside right outside the clients window, she wanted to find away to interrupted this with in her rooms.

A obvious choice of displaying this interruption was in the curtain fabric. With this in mind the fabric had to meet two different criteria’s, firstly to fit with a modern interiors and secondly be able to show off nature. Iliv savannah seemed to fit this brief. The design is simple with leaves flowing over the fabric, without being fussy due to the subdued colours of the green and white.¬† The natural linen look base cloth give a overall natural look to the fabric.

If you would like any information on having curtains or soft furnishings made by Feather Interiors please feel free to contact us where we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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