Original Cushions Designs

Feather Interiors produces a range of original cushion designs produced from paintings produced by Feather Interiors.

There is nothing better than sitting down and doing some painting. I love the way inspiration comes to me and the idea of making it into fabric gets me very excited. Recently I have been working on local landscapes, and my interpretation of them.

Next to the water

This is one of my favourite illustration. I feel it shows something more than just a landscape, and to me that’s important. The painting has been intentionally painted so that it has bold contrast in colour. in this case black and white. Bolder colours print onto the fabric far better.

The designs are currently printed onto a fine hessian or a rough open weaved linen.  The rustic final look  works really well with the black and white illustrations. Depending on the design the print will be given a fabric border, this acts the same way as a frame with a painting it will enhance the print. I tend to do this when printing onto a finer woven fabric as this needs something to finish the edge. The other option I tend to go with mostly at the moment is leaving the hessian rough and intentionally fraying the edge.

This is just one of the cushion designs that have been created by Feather Interiors. For more designs and to see what is available for sale follow this link to the shop.

If you would like more information on these cushions and anything else you have seen on this website please feel free to contact us where we will be happy to help.







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