West Bay Cliff

Painting of West Bay CLiff DorsetOne of the great things about living in Dorset is having such beautiful scenery. West Bay cliff scene has become famous over the years with tv shows using this area to film their shows. In the 90’s “harbour lights” staring Nick Berry and more recently the tv hit “Broadchurch”. It has become a iconic image not only for tv but also for local artists. Making this image ideal to develop into a cushion panel.

I painted with the idea of it being printing onto fabric. With this in mind I intentionally painted with as much block and bold colours as possible. The image tends to print better onto the fabric when using bolder colours. The design was firstly printing onto a fine linen fabric, but I didn’t like the final finish of that material with this design so opted to print it onto the hessian. I like using the hessian with these black and white paintings as I feel it gives the image warmth and texture. It also completely distinguishes it from being a painting and makes it a fabric piece instead.

West Bay Cliff painting printed onto a cushion.
West Bay Cliff

The image printed faded onto the fabric. However this only seemed to add to the rustic finish. With that look in mind it seemed only natural not to frame the image with fabric but to leave the panel edge raw. Intentionally fraying the edge to give it a fringe. The use of a zig-zag stitch around the image both decoratively secures the panel and helps to stop the fringe fraying any further.

The image is securely sewn onto a natural looking linen to complete the look.





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