Bedspreads Made To Measure

Bedspread featuring Ashley Wilde FabricBeautiful Bedspreads

Bedspreads are a great addition to any bedroom. Made to match pre-existing curtains or as a stand alone product. They can add balance to a room. These bedspread are produced either with cotton or polyester batting. For bigger bedspreads we tend to use needle- punched batting. Needle- punched batting is made when the batting has been mechanically felted together by punching it with lots of needles. This makes the batting stronger, firmer and denser. On bigger bedspreads this is needed, so the inside holds firm.Corner of bedspread

The bedspread is then bound around to neaten and finish the edge. The binding can either be made in the same fabric as the front or in a contrast colour which tends to be the same as the backing fabric (as seen in these images).  This tends to be a choice made by the customer.

Each bedspread is made with the two bottom corners rounded. This is help form the shape of the corners when the bedspread falls (as seen in images). The top of the bedspread is not rounded but is straight, this is so it can be neatly folded behind the pillow.

Having a made to measure bedspread means you the customer can decide on how you want everything, from the final length and width of the product to the contrast colour for the backing and binding.
Pencil pleat curtains featuring Ashley Wilde fabric

This particular customer had a room set made from a lovely Ashley Wilde fabric. The set contained matching curtains with tiebacks, a double bedspread and cushions to match. The room and the furniture were painted with very neutral colours, making the red in this design the splash of colour. Providing the room with a sophisticated look.





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