Contrasting Curtains, Blinds and Cushions

Curtains, blinds and cushions are a great way to contrast and design to work together. Feather Interiors can make custom curtains and blinds that contrast and match you room.


Pencil Pleat Curtains and Blinds

This window furnishings has a patterned pair of curtains with a plain roman blind that picks up the colouring of the flowers and leaves. The plain roman blind helps to break up the busy floral pattern. The cushions have been made out of the matching curtain fabric.  Adding a couple of plain cushions that match the roman blind could also be added to break up the patterns.

Another example of contrasting window finishes is having a patterned roman blind with plain dress curtains and matching cushions.  With these window furnishings the grey curtains pick up the grey colouring in the roman blind pattern. Having a plain fabric tends to help break up the patterned fabric and can help to balance the window furnishings. The customer decided to have a dress pair of curtains with the blind as it was felt that the window needed some a frame. The curtains helped to soften the window.

Tab-Top Curtains and Blinds

This last example shows a pair of tap top curtains with the blue tab top matching the blind. This is a slightly different way to add contrast as a panel has been added to made it match. Tap top curtains are a example of a fun heading tape, and making the tap contrast to the curtains is a great way to make them. The blind was added as the curtains were made for a child’s bedroom and the taps let in a little light. The blind was blackout lined which stops the light from getting in, without having to comprise on design.

All of these curtain and blind are examples of how Feather Interiors Bridport Dorset can make custom blinds and curtains. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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