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Working with clients to help them create the perfect house is a really enjoyable part of my job. One design brief I have been working on is for a living room for a clients new house. This project is only at the beginning planning and resources stage. This is a very exciting stage as its great to see all the possibilities.

The Living/ Dinning Room

The living/dinning room is going to be redecorated, and the client has a duck-egg blue carpet though out the whole property which will be staying so the colouring of that has to work with the décor. The client has picked out their new sofa for the living room which is a chocolate brown leather sofa. The client also has a dark wood piano which will be situated in the room. These are the factors that have helped me and the client start to piece together the décor of the room.

The room will need window coverings for two windows; one is a bay window and one is a patio window. The curtains will have a double pleat heading. There will be cushions and a throw for the sofa.

The fabrics that have been chosen so far is a beautiful soft woven fabric from Iliv. This tartan styled fabric features a tone of blue that works with the clients carpet, but the purple in the design adds some warmth to the fabric.

Within the pattern I plan to pull out two colours to feature in the rest of the room. This is for cushions for the sofa. The plan is to have a range of cushion sizes for the sofa, two purple at 20″, two blue at 16″ and then two tartan design that matches the curtains which will be rectangle.

The throws for the sofa at the moment haven’t been decided on, I personally think they need to be a soft fleece or a soft woven woollen throw. They need to fit tonally with the colours already picked, either duck-egg blue or purple.

The Next Stage

Everything that has been chosen up to now is all just in the planning stage, the first stage of our journey. I will next get all of these fabrics as samples for the customer to have. This gives the customer time to fall in love with the ideas we have came up with together. I do not feel that my job is to decided for my client but to help them with ideas. Most of the time my clients come to me with some ideas and I help them fill in the gaps.  Once my customer is happy with the choice I will have a quote written up. The once agreed we can go onto the making stage.

I can be involved in your designs as much or a little as needed. I can like I am doing for this client be with you from the beginning planning stages of your plans, or just nearer then end for the making. If you would like any help with your interiors or would like a idea of my prices, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.











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