Comers Hill

Comers Hill is a local Dorset landscape. This has become an iconic scene for local people. Recently it has been a image that I have been recreating. This place has also been influencing other images that I have been creating.

Comers Hill PaintingThe images that I have been painting are not intended to be a exact reproductions of the places themselves, more of a artist impression.

When producing the images it is important to always have in mind the end result of the painting, which is to print onto fabric. This influences the colours and how they are used. These images were painted to have in mind being printed onto hessian, for being made onto cushion covers. This decision influenced the type of painted used. All of the painting that are intended for hessian printing tend to being originally painted with acrylic and painted very bold.




These show how the images have been printed and then made into cushions. These images are also influenced by Comers Hill. The top image illustrates a simple version of the hill, without the iconic trees. The second image is a variation of Comers Hill featuring only one tree. Each cushion show how different fabrics and finishes the cushions.

These cushions are avaiable to purchase on our online shop, if you want more information on anything that you have seen on this page feel free to contact us where we will be more than happy to help.

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