Bed Runners and Matching Cushions

Bed-runners and Matching Cushions

Bed-runners can be a lovely feature to any bed in a room.
Feather Interiors  can produce custom made bed-runners and matching cushions a great way to finish a room. If you don’t want a full bedspread but want to add something decorative on the bed this could be the answer. Bed-runner are thin panels that run along the bottom of the bed. They can add a contrast colour to bedding or they can match the curtains. These are made to measure so can be to any width, length or colour that you want to match your room. Cushions and curtains can also ne made to match or contrast, giving you the perfect bed set.

The making of a bed-runner is the same as making a bedspread. Sandwiching the batting between the show cloth and a lining cloth, and then binding the edges. Depending on personal choice the batting used could either be cotton or polyester. Bed-runners can all have extra frills added to them, pom-poms, piping and fringing.

This image shows how sometimes adding something can help to enhance the finish of the product. The pom-pom’s have been added to the two edges that hang over the sides of the bed. The cushions have been piped in a colour that matches the pom-poms.





If you would like any more information on bed-runners or anything else you might have seen on this website please feel free to contact us where we will be happy to help.


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