Changing rooms

Changing your curtains in your room can add a completely different look for your home.


The customer felt that her living room was dark and she wanted to find a way to let the light in. She had 2 pairs of full length curtains and a pelmet. One pair of full length curtains would cover the radiator so ever evening the client would have to lift the curtains onto the window ledge.


A light coloured fabric was choose to give the illusion that the room is light and airy. The pelmets were taken away this straight away let more light into the room and meant that the lovely curves of the top of the window would show. Due to not wanting to block out any light from going into the room it was decided that blinds were not a option and curtains would be the chosen window furnishing. The client wanted full length curtains as she wanted them either side of the bay window but she didn’t to keep pulling up the curtains over the radiator, so we decided to go for two different length curtains. This gave a really good solution to the problem.

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