I love cushions and recently I have been making loads of cushions, both my own designs and some commercial designed fabric. A couple of my favourite fabrics I have been sewing with is a lovely wool/ silk blend design of dragonflies by Chess Fabrics and a lovely bright linen fabric by Jane Churchill.

I love these two fabric for different reasons and quite honestly they are both such different designs they work for different reasons.

Chess Dragonflies

This fabric is beautiful because it is so simple and subtle. The embroidered dragonflies add sophistication to the design. I love this fabric as a cushion for its simple design. You could add this cushion to a collection of other natural colours or it could be a stand alone cushion and make a statement. I think it’s just such a beautiful fabric.

Jane Churchill

I have done a lot with this fabric design lately and I love it! It is such a statement fabric. It is bright and cheerful and shouts I am here! Which is why it makes fabulous cushions. I have piped these cushions in a complementary colour that helps to frame the design. I love this design and I personally wouldn’t put it with any other cushions design. I wouldn’t want anything fighting and taking away from this design.

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