New designs

I’ve shared before a few of my drawing which I turned into cushion designs, I love the idea of making soft furnishing design influenced from local designs. I have recently been trying out some new design using tile prints. I showed these for the first time at a local vintage show. Where I had played around with different designs on different fabrics, which printed best, what people liked the most. I also played around with putting these designs in frames and on stretches. It was very interesting to get feedback from these. When you work alone you don’t get other people’s opinions very often so when I have the opportunity to have feedback I take it very seriously. I personally love the idea of integrating my two loves, sewing and art. For me it makes complete sense that hey go together. Even back at my university days while doing my art degree I wanted to find a way to merge the two. Sadly back then it didn’t happen and I went down a different path that has led me here. It is still early days and I am very excited to see where they do.

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