There are many different types of curtain heading styles, this gallery illustrates the different types of heading that Feather Interiors can produce.


Eyelet curtains are curtains with metal holes at the top of the curtain where the heading goes. The curtain pole then passes though the eyelets. This is a very modern look and is perfect for a modern living-room or bedroom, It gives the illusion of simple waves within the fabric.

Triple and Double Pleats

Triple and Double Pleat curtains are traditional styled curtains made with buckram. These headings have hand sewn pleats evenly distributed along the top. They are made to the exact window size. This style of curtains are ideal for a traditional looking rooms, and look fabulous on windows with big drops. When finished this style of curtain generally has 2.5- 3 fullness within the curtain.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are the most widely used style, as the width of the curtains can be changed for different windows. They are made with a simple heading tape along the top of the curtain which is pulled to created even pleats along the width of the curtain. It is recommended that you have 1.5- 2.5 fullness within these curtains.

Tab- Top

Tab-Top curtains are curtains that have tabs that go over the top of the pole.

If you would like any additional information or adviseĀ  on curtains please feel free to contact us where we would love to help.

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